Hey, my name is Orlando. I’m from the parish of Mary Immaculate. I just finished coming off of a retreat, the ACTS retreat. Great, great, amazing experience that I just had! You’re talking to man that was on empty, spiritually empty. And I didn’t know where to get any answers or tools to proceed with my life. I was going over just causing me trouble and it was going to cause my marriage. But after I heard at the parish one of the speakers say that, you know, if you are in this situation you need to try ACTS. So I said I’ll try it. So I went ahead and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. From day one, again I was running on empty so that’s what I expected. I just expected to go on my own and you know just talk to myself and try to convince myself and fix myself. Boy was I wrong, you know what I mean. The brothers that I met this weekend had my back since day one and I didn’t even know. I got off the bus and it was amazing. Now I could say that I know the religion. I know what I need to do. And boy is my tank full and I have enough to supply other people with that fire. So anybody that sees me or sees this video, please just try it. Try it and you will get 10 back and so once again just try it and you will not regret it. Thank you.