Dear ACTS Brothers and Sisters,

How grateful we are for this first Men’s ACTS Retreat!!

We thank Rev. Father Juan Ayala and all associates for their amazing spiritual support this weekend!
The Team that worked tirelessly in formation for 13 weeks and the off-site Team’s Send-off, Candlelight, and Return Mass-Reception that have given so much to make this weekend a fantastic experience for these men that came to our Lord’s encounter! We are also truly grateful to our brothers and sisters that are benefactors and have given back in our ACTS fundraisers, Mission of 72, and individual scholarships for retreatant’s!

We love you all and are so grateful!
May our Lord pay you seven-fold!

With grateful Hearts in the Lord,

ACTS Core,
Laura Ascencio Real, Gustavo Miranda, Yolanda García,
Joe Torres, Arlene Romero, Andrew Guerrero, Norma Anguiano, Helen Forbes