We are excited to introduce to you our 2021 CORE ACTS Team

  • Facilitator: Noe Garduño
  • Co-Facilitator:  Estella Fajardo-Pompa
  • Finance Coordinator: Ana Perez
  • Communications Coordinator: Yolanda Garcia
  • Spiritual Coordinator: Laura Ascencio-Real
  • Spiritual Coordinator: Gustavo Miranda
  • Retreat Support Coordinator: Marcela Martinez
  • Retreat Supply Coordinator: Helen Aripes-Forbes
  • Retreat Supply Coordinator: Conrad Silva
  • Music Coordinator: Dennis Krummel

Open Positions:
Retreat Support Coordinator (Male)
Events Coordinator

If you are lived and served on an ACTS retreat and are a parishioner of St. Ferdinand’s Catholic Church and are interested in serving on CORE, please contact us at info@stferdinandchurchacts.org.