Monday, September 8, 2014 in Mary Immaculate Rectory Library

Present: Azucena Bonillas, Joseph Montoya,  Jorge Ortiz, Francisco Villalva, Anthony Reil, , Francisca Aguirre, Marcella Martinez, Heidi Rajput , Joe Torres,  Ted Valle, Cece Baragan

Absent:   Fr. Jack, Eddie Real

Opening Prayer Heidi Rajput 

  • Song  Heidi Rajput  – Lord, I need you

2- Meditation: Francisca Aguirre – Read from 1 Peter 4:10 and spoke about the meaning of stewardship and what it means for us as Core and also as brothers and sisters in Christ.  We have many ways to live out our stewardship to our communities and our church and it’s body.  Group Sharing

3- Review of Last Meeting’s Minutes:  Cece motions to accept August minutes and Ted seconds the motion. Minutes for August were approved by Core.

4- Open Floor for Non-Core Members:

  • Gerard De La Cerda spoke about his committee for spiritual growth and community.  Gerard gave an overview of the last few months of Community Mass and Pilgrimage.  Gerard would like to recommend to bring a community Mass to Guardian Angel Church and help to introduce our community to them and possibly other church’s in the future.

5- New Buisness:

  • Joseph spoke about having Joe Torres and his team to conduct final inventory to make sure that we have all final tiems for the upcoming retreat.
  • Azucena will be putting in an order for the Ichtus Fish and Fish Hooks for the retreatants  as well as coming down the mountain books and Golden book of prayers.
  • Joe Torres is requesting a check so that he can purchase the drinks and food for the Thursday night meal for send off night.
  • Joe Torres asked the communications director if he could put a list together for upcoming ACTS Events and Calendar for the new retreatants.
  • We need to check on the transportation check and see if Anthony can have it ready for the new company.
  • Jorge asked Anthony if the final check for the ACTS Mission Training printing was finalized for Pro Print.  Anthony advised that is still pending.
  • Carlos will be the contact person for candlelight on that night and will be the person we will have offsite be in contact with.
  • Azucena shared that she received an email from Eddie Real stating that he has decided to step down from Core, Joseph stated that we will go back to the next person that was selected for Core from the previous list and decide at next meeting on the replacement for Eddie Real position on Core with the approval of Pastors.

6- Coordinators Reports:

  • Anthony Reil presented his financial report and wanted to bring up that there still needs to be consolation of 72 disciples funds so that we can see how much is available for scholarships.
  • Azucena, Francisca and Francisco will be working with Carmen Pernudi to gather more people for the 72 disciples funds.
  • Marcela reporting that there will be a Bunco family fundraiser on October 25 at Saint Ferdinand Hall it will be a Halloween theme and open to all community.

7- Core and Director Nominations: Session Closed for prayer and selecting of woman Core and Director.

        8-Closing Prayer/Song: Closing PrayerTed Valle  Heidi Rajput –  No Song Played