Monday, November 3, 2014 in Mary Immaculate Auditorium Room #1

Present: Joseph Montoya,  Jorge Ortiz, Francisco Villalva, Anthony Reil, Francisca Aguirre, Ted Valle, Marcella Martinez, Heidi Rajput

Absent:   Fr. Jack, Cece Baragan, Monica Reil

Opening Prayer:  Marcella Martinez

Song        Heidi Rajput  – Newsboys (We Believe)

2- Meditation: Ted Valle – Read a reflection about heroic deeds and selflessness and the love involved in some of these acts out of love.  Self reflection and mediation was asked of the group and how we can be more like Jesus in our lives.

3- Review of Last Meeting’s Minutes:  Anthony Reil motions to accept October 6th minutes and Ted Valle seconds the motion. Minutes for August were approved by Core.

4- Open Floor for Non-Core Members:

  • Carlos Martinez was the only non core member in attendance and he did not have anything for core.

5- New Buisness:

  • Joseph is still negotiating with ACTS Missions for allowing some of the local core members who have received the training to be allowed to facilitate the leadership training for 2015 calendar. California trainers would conduct 4 training sessions a year throughout southern California to prepare Directors and Co Directors and leaders of upcoming Teams.    Joseph nominates we put down the training sessions on calendar so ACTS Missions can approve and allow us to conduct our training.  Marcela motions we accept scheduling the training and Francisca seconds, approved by core.
  • Joseph wants core members to bring ideas and core reports for next month so that we can add them to schedule for 2015 calendar.
  • Francisco Villava will be coordinating with Mary Immaculate and Anthony Reil for Santa Rosa and Marcela Martinez for Saint Ferdinand for meeting places or booking rooms for team formations.
  • Woman’s retreat for 2015 will be May 28-31 and the woman’s formation will begin in January.
  • Catholicism series Facilitators will be meeting this Wednesday to discuss the upcoming series at Santa Rosa and perhaps breaking into the calendar.
  • Men’s team needs to turn in all director books so that the woman’s team can have them for the start of there formation.
  • Francisco Villalva is working with Mario Murillo to trying to start an advent series for community.
  • November 24 the Warriors for Christ will be dedicating there fellowship for ACTS and Advent will begin on November 30th.
  • Marcela reports that Bunco raised $735 after all expenses and that some of the proceeds that were earned were put into the Harvest Fest Dance which will be reimbursed back as it was used for seed money. Jorge Motion that Marcela use monies from bunco for seed money to harvest fest dance, Francisca seconds and core approve the use of funds.
  • Marcela reports Harvest Fest Dance is set to go Marcela believes that attendance will be over 200 persons and will be very profitable for the ACTS Core Gala.
  • Joseph Montoya wanted to address that the tickets printed and distributed for Harvest Dance had printed that this was ACTS Event and this is not an ACTS event this is a fundraiser with all proceeds going to ACTS. ACTS missions was advised that tickets were already misprinted and this was an oversight and they know that this is not officially ACTS events.
  • Joseph wants to take a vote for the proposal from Bea and Ray Rulli regarding the purchase of music equipment. Anthony motioned we table this proposal till we get further information on necessity of equipment and cost effectiveness.  Ted Valle seconds we table.  Six core members for tabling and two members for voting no now. Core will table for next meeting.

 6- Coordinators Reports:

  • All reports were briefly discussed and mentioned in New Business and they will be attached to the minutes.

 7- Core and Director Nominations: Session Closed for selection of name selections for Core replacements to be submitted to Pastors.

 8-Closing Prayer/Song: Closing PrayerHeidi Rajput –  Heidi Rajput – Matthew Redman (10,000 Reasons)