Written by Jay Vela

It’s important to remember that we are part of a large community, not just our St. Ferdinand, but the world. Our Church expands throughout the world and ACTS Missions is doing a lot of work to continue this New Evangelization. For this reason I wanted to share this message from Jay Vela, the Executive Director of ACTS Missions.

“I have a strong suspicion that many of us involved with the ACTS Ministry, from staff, to Chapters, Board Members, Cores, even Retreat Directors, seem to suffer with anxieties due to the ministry’s consuming nature. Such huge responsibilities being placed upon us, requiring vast wisdom, discernment, communication skills, quick wit on your feet, and more. Hence the middle of the night disruptions, as we ponder about all that is required to handle the enormous challenges and issues that constantly bombard us; it becomes overwhelming. Turning this off seems impossible due to the gravity of what’s at stake and having little room for error. According to the late Bishop Sheen, such anxieties arise when we try to be ourselves without God or when we try to get beyond ourselves without God. So, in these pre-dawn repartees a realization that if we are to be consumed, let it be with our Lord and His Mother’s love and mercy. Let us be consumed with knowing more about His heart and will in our lives. Let us be encompassed with the gift of family and friends; with the wonder of new life with granddaughters and grandsons. Ah, the clock rings; its 4 a.m. Okay Lord, we need sleep, You take over now.”

This work is important, no doubt about that. But don’t burn yourself out. Pray for guidance. Ask for help. Do your best. And remember that without God none of this work means anything.

Jay Vela

Jay serves as the Executive Director of ACTS Missions.

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