Hi my name is Jess Flores. I wanted to share a little bit about the ACTS retreat that I was on. This retreat changed my life dramatically. I’ve been a Catholic for 41 years and to really have the Holy Spirit put in me is an awesome feeling. It was a miracle that I felt happening. And since I have been back my life has been totally changed, for the better of course. And I’m so grateful for the team and the friends who have prayed for me to get on this retreat. I can’t express how much it’s changed my life. I would recommend this retreat to any man, that has a family, that doesn’t have a family, wife and kids, to understand that you’re not alone in these problems we face everyday with our wives, with our children, with our jobs. You know the theme of our retreat was “Don’t be scared. Have faith.” and when you really open your mind and heart to that it’s awesome. It’s an awesome feeling.