My name is Luli Calvo. Along with my husband Santi and our family, we serve in various ministries at St. Ferdinand’s Church. I’m humbled and grateful to God for this privilege of serving Him as this years Director of the Women’s ACTS retreat. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than to share the love, peace and joy that I found in Jesus Christ during my ACTS retreat and in return see that happiness flourish everyday through prayer to strengthen the tree of our lives and to bring others to God.



My name is Lynn Fernandez. My husband Anthony and  I along with our children have  been parishioners of St. Ferdinand since 2015, which is the same year I attended my ACTS retreat.  I am humbled and honored to Serve as Co-Director for the Women’s 2020 ACTS Retreat.  The transformation I experienced during my retreat was amazing.  This was the beginning of my journey in Serving our Lord.  I look forward to sharing that same experience of joy, peace and love  with my Sisters in Christ, as we serve during the 2020 Women’s ACTS Retreat, Gob Bless us always.

Spiritual Companion

My name is Laura Ascencio-Real, I’m parishioner and lay servant of our Lord at St. Ferdidands Church in San Fernando.  I am a wife and mother of three amazing children.  I am humbled to serve our Lord as spiritual companion for the 2020 Women’s ACTS encounter. I say ‘encounter’ because this weekend is not just a retreat away from work, family and friends. This weekend is an encounter with God, it’s not hard at all to hear His voice, see His hands and feet. I’m confident that all those beautiful women that are called by His name will have a transforming life experience.



My name is Arlene Romero, I am a parishioner of Saint Ferdinand’s. I am grateful to be part of a beautiful ministry of Women who have been part of my faith journey since my encounter in 2017. I feel humbled to sever our Lord and share his love, mercy and grace as a Co-Director for the 2020 Women’s ACTS encounter.

“Our vision for this upcoming Women’s ACTS retreat is to unite together under God as a Catholic Christian community supporting each other to do His will. Through the ACTS retreat, we uplift each other in prayer and we get to experience the joy that God wants for each one of us. The ACTS retreat is a journey designed to allow the Spirit of God to enter each heart and to fill us with His endless love which then ignites the flame to take action and love others the way God commanded us to do. Joy gives us the faith and conviction that all our blessings come from God alone and in return we have experienced that God’s commandments are designed to bring us abundant joy. Let’s proclaim this joy in fervent faith, hope & love.”

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