Monday, May 5, 2014 in Mary Immaculate Auditorium Room #1

Present: Azucena Bonillas, Francisca Aguirre, Heidi Rajput, Joseph Montoya, Marcella Martinez, Jorge Ortiz, Ted Valle, Francisco Villalva, Anthony Real, Joe Torres, Cece Baragan, Eddie Real, Fr. Jack.  

Absent:  Bea Rulli, Mandy Franco

  • Opening Prayer  Jorge Ortiz
  • Song  Heidi Rajput (“I will Follow” Chris Tomlin)

2- Meditation: Joseph Montoya

  •  Joseph Read from 1 Peter 2:20 from this coming Sundays second reading.  We discussed how it is not always easy to be a leader in ministry.  How sometimes when we do our jobs well in community people may not see that but if we fall short we will be held accountable.  This is a challenge for us as leaders in ministry but how do we re-focus and put Christ first to help us stay focused on the Mission of our ministry and serving God.

3- Open Floor for Non-Core Members:

  • Carmen Pernudi discussed how beautiful the retreat was that the woman’s retreat was an absolute success but that there were some things that needed to be worked on mostly on miscommunication.
  • Carlos Martinez has been approached by Saint Fernidad about posting on our website for volunteers for the Fiesta that will be coming up on the month of June.
  • Lydia Carrioza also shared that the breakfast on the return Mass was changed at last minute and that they had to settle for continental breakfast.  Lydia expressed that there should be a better communication to alleviate some problems.
  • Diana Gil Shared some of her views of things that went on at the retreat.  She had some concerns that we should do a better job explaining to retreatants about ACTS and its hierarchy and especially its governing body Core.  Dianna expressed that Luggage and lack of organization led to some confusion.
  • Rosie Cardenas had some questions about receipts and itemization of list for expenses.
  • Gerard De La Cerda expressed how great our community Mass was at Our Lady of Angels Cathedral this Divine Mercy Sunday.  Gerard expressed he will be needing planning and assistance for the August 10, 2014 Community Mass.
  • Andy Aguirre request that if possible from the Core if they can produce a thank you card or letters to the woman’s leadership of this last retreat for a simple acknowledgment and thank you for there sacrifices.
  • Susan Castillo advised that there will be Family Rosary night for the ACTS Community sometime in May and notice requested for community email and website update.
  • Rosie Cardenas expressed that there has been a fire at a shelter we have donated to in the past and request we send email out to help the shelter as all their donations have been destroyed.


4- Review of Last Meeting’s Minutes: Anthony motions to accept Marsh and April minutes and Francisco seconds the motion. Minutes for Marsh and April were approved by Core.


5- New Buisness:

  • Core  discussed the reception of Father Ron Young reception after his funeral at the suggestions of the Oblates.  Azucena Motions we accept the receipts spent on Father Ron Young Reception and Ted seconds the motion.  Core approves to accept and pay for the receipts spent on the reception.
  • $250 on spending funds for new directors manuals as it is directed by ACTS Missions that we all have the new manuals.
  • Fundraising for Santa Rosa is ongoing and Father Stan has expressed to Anthony of the things he would not like to see specifically no Las Vegas Trip for fundraiser.
  • Tri Parish picnic is ongoing and the next committee meeting will be May 12, 2014  7-9pm at MI dining room.
  •  Joseph Montoya advised that we need to have more community meetings to help to introduce community to leadership and see what the concerns of community are.
  • Francisco and Cece discussed the woman’s retreat committee and there part in the offsite planning and things that went well for this woman’s weekend and things that could use some improvements.
  • Retreat reservations for 2015 have been made and required a $50 deposit for each date.
  • Joe Torres discussed progress of Mens formation and commissioning Mass will be Sunday June 15, 2015 at Santa Rosa 9:30am.  At this time due to the transition of the Mary Immaculate to Archdiocese and Santa Rosa still under construction the Men’s team will be having the Return Mass at Saint Ferdinand and will be planning on using the hall.  Joe Torres request that Core reserve the Hall for return Mass on Sunday September 21, 2014. Mens Reunion will be for Saturday October 4, 2014 and Francisca will check to see if Santa Rosa Hall will be available.  Joe Torres request to know if list has been approved to advise men formally of invite to Team. Father Jack has confirmed the directors team list is approved and ok to inform team members of invitation for Men’s 2014 Team.
  • May 7, 14, and 21 from 6-9pm at Pastoral Center Bishop Wilkerson wants to have people from community to come and talk about efforts for new evangelization.


6- Coordinators Reports: Reports were turned in and discussed at the meeting and areas of improvements discussed.

7-Closing Prayer/Song: Closing PrayerAzucena MurilloHeidi Rajput  – No Song was played due to time


Click Here to download May 5 Core Minutes