Monday, March 18, 2013 in Mary Immaculate Auditorium Room #1

Present: Fr. Frank, Deysi Martinez, Cece Berragon, Carmen Pernudi, Azucena Bonillas, Sal Barrios, Rosie Cardenas, Larry Ruiz, Kathleen Greulich, Heidi Rajput, Joseph Montoya, Jorge Ortiz
absent: Danny Lopez, Fr. Porfirio

1- Meditation: Joseph: a reflection on the call to serve on the core team, serving as one body in Christ as servant leaders.

2- Opening Prayer Fr. Frank

3- New Core Team member to represent MI: Ted Vaille from MI has accepted the nomination, and will be the new music coordinator.

4- Selection of next men’s ACT Retreat Director
Jorge played “The servant song” then Joseph read a reading from Kings 3:9-12, moment of silence, nominees were read: Carlos Martinez, Mario Murillo, Ricky Jones. Then the song “Here I am Lord” was played. Cece then read from Acts 1: 21-26. Then a moment of silence. Then the names were selected in this order: 1. Mario Murillo, 2. Ricky Jones, 3. Carlos Martinez. Mario was called and accepted the nomination. The song “The deer’s cry: I arise” was played.

5- Old Business/ New business/ facilitators report: Joseph is making a calendar to assist the directors in knowing what they need to do and report to have good communication with the core team. He is also working on a social gathering for the core in June or July, a vision statement for the tri- parish ACTS, and training for the new directors. Joseph reports that May 1-4 2014 will be the women’s retreat and Sept. 18-21, 2014 the men’s retreat dates. Carmen states that the women’s fundraiser raised approximately $600 with 30% going to Santa Rosa, there will be a menudo fundraiser this coming weekend at St. Ferdinands. She has reserved the auditorium 1 on Wed and Thurs for the rest of 2013 for ACTS use. Rosie has been working with Santa Rosa and Fr. Stan for return mass and the reception and will finalize plans with Deysi. Joseph volunteers to help with candle light, Larry will help with send off, Rosie is helping with return mass, Larry will lead the reception team Carmen and Cece with help with the return reception. Sal is working on the deposit for the Sept men’s retreat. Azucena is working on a “Rediscovering Catholicism” series. Fr. Frank is working on the Easter series, and will be absent from core for a few months. Larry is working with Rosie to help the women’s retreat. Cece is working with Fr. Porfirio regarding the St. Ferdinand picnic in regard to its planning, advertizing, tickets, games, liturgy, and facilities. Cece moves to have ACTS run the picnic, Joseph 2nds, it passed. Kathleen requests email from persons requesting posting of events/ sending mass emails. Carmen states that Deacon Ken’s term as Liaison has ended, Fr. Frank and Fr. Porfirio are the new ACTS core liaisons. Cece would like to invite Fr. Webbert to ACTS events.

8 – Next Meeting: May 4, 2013– prayers: open & closing, snacks & drinks
Song- per sign up sheet
9- Closing Prayer: Azucena