Monday, June 2, 2014 in Mary Immaculate Auditorium Room #1

Present: Azucena Bonillas, Francisca Aguirre, Heidi Rajput, Joseph Montoya, Marcella Martinez, Jorge Ortiz, Francisco Villalva, Anthony Real, Joe Torres, Cece Baragan, Eddie Real.  

Absent:  Bea Rulli, Fr. Jack, Ted Valle.

  • Opening Prayer  Joseph Montoya
  • Song  Heidi Rajput –No Song Today –

2- Meditation: Jorge Ortiz

  •  Jorge Read from Acts 19:1-8 from today’s first reading.  Jorge read a reflection from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Reawakening Enthusiasm in the Baptized for the Gospel Mandate and how can we all benefit from brining Zealous joy in our service to those who we minister.  Zeal and joy is contagious and if done with love for our Lord can help us reawaken the spirit in our brothers and sisters.


3- Review of Last Meeting’s Minutes: Azucena motions to accept May minutes and Anthony seconds the motion. Minutes for Marsh and April were approved by Core.

4- Open Floor for Non-Core Members: There was no one from the community that had any concerns or anything to bring up.


5- New Buisness:

  • Carmen Pernudi is reporting that on the Mission of 72Disciples so far has collected $2540.00 does not include some recent deposits from Anthony for approximate $265.00.  Next Committee meeting for Mission of 72 will be on June 10th at 7pm at Mary Immaculate Rectory.
  • Anthony is reporting for financial report is that we have $28,000.00 but this number is inflated and has not been finalized.  There have been some additional deposits but there also needs to be reimbursements added to this amount and payment to the Retreat Center for last retreat and the seed money from Santa Rosa that will be returned and deposited in Santa Rosa Construction Fund.  Since last Woman’s team did not turn in a budget Anthony is advising that reimbursements will be delayed due to no budget provided and the large amount of receipts that need to be overlooked and processed.   There are several questionable expenses that were made at the last woman’s retreat.  A long discussion was heard regarding the importance of  Teams brining a budget to Core and  abiding by those budgets so that reimbursements are returned in a timely manner and that questionable expenses are not brought to Core.  Anthony motions that Core have a separate meeting at the request of community member Rosie Cardenas to have a special session to pay out reimbursements as soon as possible.  Rosie Cardenas also feels that Core failed in getting the Director to turn in a budget in timely manner.
  • Ray Rulli has proposed that we purchase additional audio equipment for approximate $1600.00.  Bose Speakers and a mixer for candle light and at the Community Mass and for use at the Tri Parish Picnic.  Vote on this will be held at next Core meeting for further research.
  • Mandy Franco has resigned from Core and because of this the list of previous nominations is open with Rosa Franco being the next person on the list.  Francisco motions that we open up nominations again for the position at Mary Immaculate, Azucena seconds the motion and Core all twelve votes are approved for looking at new candidates for Core.
  • Woman’s director nominations will be held in July and all the possible candidates must go to the training in August being held at Azusa Pacific University.
  • Ted and Cecelia need to meet soon to provide list of updated information for Small Christian Communites and the progress of them and any new additions.  Information will be related to Jorge so that he can update the community and send out an email to community for invitations.
  • Eddie Real will be helped by Haydee Rajput in organizing and looking over the trailer as Mandy Franco has resigned.  Eddie and Haydee will organize an inventory of trailer and invite community to assist.
  • Cece will be checking with Mary Immaculate if it will be available for Core Meeting next Monday.
  •  Feedback needs to be reviewed and many opinions were shared about how to improve and Joe Torres was advised to look over these as well so that his directorship can look at what he can do to improve for the Men’s retreat.
  • Joe Torres provided list of men that will be invited to do the Talks for the upcoming Men’s Retreat. The names were reviewed and there were no objections and names on list will be provided to the Pastors.  Men’s reunion after the retreat will be held in the New Santa Rosa has for October.  The Men’s meeting so far will be scheduled for Saint Ferdinand since Mary Immaculate is uncertain and Santa Rosa will not be ready due to construction.  Joe was inquiring if the Bus has been reserved for men’s retreat.
  • Cece proposes that we have some type of day of reflection for the community.


6- Coordinators Reports: Some reports were turned in and briefly discussed during meeting.

7-Closing Prayer/Song: Closing PrayerAnthony Reil Heidi Rajput  – No Song was played due to time