Monday, February 3, 2014 in Mary Immaculate Auditorium Room #1

1- Present: Ted Valle, Jorge Ortiz, Heidi Rajput, Sal Barrios, Joseph Montoya, Carmen Pernudi, Rosie Cardenas, Cece Baragan, Bea Rulli, Kathleen Greulich, Azucea Bonillas, Joe Torres
absent: Danny Lopez, Fr. Frank

2-    Opening Prayer                                               Kathleen



3- Meditation                                                           Joseph

4- Selection of Core member to represent St. Ferdinand: scripture was read and names were selected

Nominees:          Connie Vasquez

                                             Marcella Martinez was selected, was present and accepted the nomination.

5 – Core Team Members & Directors Commissioning- per script


6 – Selection of administrative roles (Core Team only)


Jorge: Communication
Ted: Spiritual Coordinator
Mandy: Supplies
Eddie: Supplies
Heidi: Music
Cecelia: Spiritual Coordinator
Joseph: Facilitator
Azucena: Co Facilitator
Marcella: Social Coordinator
Anthony: Financial Coordinator

Break for non-core members

7- Next Meeting:  March 3, 2014– prayers: open & closing, snacks & drinks

core team retreat will be this sat feb 8th at 8 am til noon

new core team training will be sat march 1 at the nordhoff house

Cece will have a fundraising meeting Tues Feb 4th, at 7pm at the MI rectory, for Santa Rosa’s hall


8- Closing Prayer                                                                  Carmen