December 2, 2013 in Mary Immaculate Auditorium Room #1

Present: Azucena Bonillas, Kathleen Greulich, Rosie Cardenas, Heidi Rajput, Cece Baragan, Carmen Pernudi, Joseph Montoya, Sal Barrios, Jorge Ortiz, Ted Villae, Danny Lopez
Absent: Fr. Jack, Bea Rulli

1- Opening Prayer (see attached): Rosie

2- Meditation: Joseph

3- Open Floor for Non-Core Members: no comments

4- Review of Last Meeting’s Minutes: Joseph moves to accept, Azucena 2nds, motion passes

5- Election of Core Team Members & Men’s Director:
(separate script according to the ACTS core charter)

  • Mens Director in order drawn: Joe Torres, Sal Barrios, Vince Franco, Carlos Martinez, Eddie Real, Raj Rajput, Rick Lozano. Joe was called and accepted the position.
  • Core Members in order drawn:
    • Santa Rosa Women: Francisca Aguirre was called and accepted, Cindy Estrada, Alicia Carrasco, Lillian Elsey.
    • Santa Rosa Men: Anthony Reil was present and accepted, and Rick Lozano.
    • Mary Immaculate Men: Francisco Villalva is the available candidate, he was called and accepted. women: Amanda Franco was called and accepted, Rosa Franco.
    • St. Ferdinand Women: Bea Rulli was called and accepted, Alma Ortega, Ethel Palacios.
    • St. Ferdinand Men: Eddie Real was present and accepted, Carlos Martinez, Jose Cardenas, Joe Torres.

6- Coordinators Reports: Bea sent a report that she has selected their team, they will have caroling at the nursing homes, and the girls detention center, Commissioning mass will be at St. Ferdinand’s Jan 18 at 530pm. the team has requested to do pulpit talks at other parishes, they will meet with the pastors to discuss this, 10 slots will be available to outside parishes. Sal reports on the finances which is posted in the financial report. Danny reports that the inventory did not happen the last time it was scheduled, Carmen suggests that people be assigned to retreat items at the retreat time so that items are not left dirty. the next proposed date is Jan 11 for inventory. Joseph reports that we had the committee meeting, see separate minutes, ACTS is planning monthly trips to different churches, monthly faith sharing, and annual area ACTS meetings, prayer support groups for immediate community member needs was discussed. Joseph reports that ACTS missions has contacted us regarding being a pre-chapter for the ACTS missions with Rancho Cucamonga ACTS to assist with training for area teams and forming new ACTS communities in southern California. Cece suggests offering the training to the nominees for core positions so that they may be able to assist with the pre-chapter formation. Cece states that she has positive feedback regarding the 72 disciples program, Dec 14 is a potential day for Jazz music and pizza . Rosie states that Dec 17 is Fr. Tom’s 40th anniversary, and St Ferdinand’s needs help with set up and take down.

7- Announcements:
Next Meeting: January 6, 2014, new members to be installed in Feb 2014

8- Closing Prayer: Carmen


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