August 5, 2013 in Auditorium Room #1

Financial Report

1- Present: Ted Valle, Kathleen Greulich, Rosie Cardenas, Cece Baragan, Carmen Pernudi, Joseph Montoya, Fr. Jack, Danny Lopez, Sal Barrios, Jorge Ortiz

2- Absent: Azucena Bonillia, Mario Murillo, Heidi Rajput

3- Opening Prayer: Carmen
4- Meditation: Kathleen

5- Open Floor for Non-Core Members:

Gerard sent a message suggesting a quarterly ACTS mass at the tri parishes and the Cathedral, he offered to head the committee to plan this. Joseph suggests that he make a proposal for the Cathedral mass, and organizing the St. Ferdinand masses could possibly occur with the men’s choir monthly masses. Going to missions for community masses was suggested.

6- Review of Last Meeting’s Minutes and Meeting of 6/17/13: Ted moves to accept, Sal 2nds, minutes accepted.

7- Women’s Director Selection: According to process noted in ACTS core manual. The leadership requirements for ACTS directors was discussed as well as the guidance provided by the core team to the directors. The nominees were drawn in the following order: Bea Rulli, Bea Barrios, Connie Vasquez, Laura Ascencio-Real. Bea Rulli was called and she accepted the nomination.

8- Old Business:

ACTS Vision Strategy working meeting 8/17/13 at MI, Aud. #1, 9:00 am to Noon

Mission of 72

Bunco Friday Aug 9th at St. Ferdinand

Food Bank 28th of Sept. is open for a potential fundraiser for the food bank if desired. Jorge moves to propose to have the fundraiser, Carmen 2nds, proposal accepted.

9- New Business:

Mary Immaculate change in 2014- Fr. Jack suggests that the St. Ferdinand include Mary Immaculate even if the pastor changes.

Training for Women’s Director / Co-directors: Joseph is looking into scheduling directors and core trainings from San Antonio.

Schedule next year’s meetings: Carmen will check into scheduling for the core and for the teams for next year.

8– Coordinators Reports:

Carmen encourages all present to feel free to speak openly at the meetings.

Cece has 8 Hollywood bowl tickets left.

Jorge suggests promoting the St. Ferdinand picnic at the 17th meeting.

9- Next Meeting: September 9, 2013

10- Closing Prayer: Ted


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