Monday, April 15, 2013 in Mary Immaculate Parish Office Dining Room

Present: Carmen Pernudi, Joseph Montoya, Danny Lopez, Deysi Martinez, Kathleen Greulich, Rosie Cardenas, Cece Berragan, Larry Ruiz, Mario Murrilo, Azucea Bonillas, Sal Barrios, Jorge Ortiz, Heidi Rajput, Ted Valle

Absent: Fr. Porfirio, Fr. Frank

1- Opening Prayer: Jorge

2- Song: Joseph

3- Meditation: Azucena

3- Open floor for non-core members: Johana Jones gave a financial report for the women’s retreat. Steve Elsey spoke about his perception of how ACTS is viewed in the general community, encouraging all to be the body of Christ. Amateo spoke about the importance of the St. Ferdinandes as a spiritual home

4- Review of last meeting’s minutes: Azucena moves to accept, Jorge 2nds, minutes accepted.

5 – Old Business

  • Retreat Details: Rosie gave an update as to send off for the upcoming retreat in regard to scheduling of personnel, transportation, supplies, food, love letter collection, and communication between the home team and the retreat team. Larry gave an update on send off and candle light music, and spoke about food preparation on the men’s retreat. Sal and Joseph discussed payment of the bus driver. Joseph and Larry gave an update regarding candle light preparations including personnel, water, supplies, security, scheduling, clean up, and pre retreat practice sessions. Jorge and Rosie spoke about the details of return mass and the reception including supplies, tables, food, scheduling, pre event planning meetings, personnel, seating.

6- New Business: Carmen reports on St. Ferdinand Ministry Fair May 19, 7:30 am to 3:00 pm regarding participation.

7 – Coordinators Report: Cece reports on the Hollywood bowl event in September, and the tri parish picnic which will be Aug. 25th. Rosie thanks the home team volunteers. Jorge discussed the Rediscovering Catholicism program in regard to bringing it to Santa Rosa potentially in September. Kathleen: renewed the mass phone call plan, is working on updating the contact list for members and the churches. Deysi thanked those who participated in the passing of the candle and encouraged those participating in the retreat events to allow God to work in the planning. Heidi, Ted, Azucena has no updates. Mario is working on team selection for the men. Larry gave an update on candle light supplies. Sal gave an update on retreatant moneys at the tri parish church offices, Santa Rosa wants the name of the ACTS representative collecting the funds for each retreat, the rescue mission clothing collection, and mentioned the importance if humility in service. Danny reiterated the importance of Love and God in retreat support. Joseph spoke on the core team retreat and mission statement and following ACTS missions in attaining a balance in prayer and organization in the tri parish ACTS community in the way it ministers to itself and to the greater community as a whole. He also gave an update on the planning of the calendar for the year and the communication of future events, and potential opportunities for prayer. Carmen encourages selfless service and hope in God’s guidance.

8 – Meeting Evaluation: General consensus, it was a good and productive meeting

9- Next Meeting: May 6, 2013

10- Song: Ted

11- Closing Prayer: Heidi