August 6, 2012 at Mary Immaculate Auditorium #2


Carmen Pernudi, Ricky Jones, Andrew Guerrero, Rosemary Moreno, Danny Lopez, Laurie Serrano, Azucena Bonillas, Susan Castillo, Rosie Cárdenas, Sandy Klevinskas, Sal Barrios, Deacon Ken Elsey

Tom Elsey, Larry Ruiz, Fr. Porfirio Garcia, OMI


Opening Prayer
Brief moment of silence followed by a prayer led by Ricky Jones. Rosemary played Matt Maher’s “Jesus, My Everything” and we all sang along.

Review of Last Month’s Minutes
Sandy motioned that we accept last month’s minutes as-is and Rosemary seconded that motion.

Prayer Exercise
Deacon Ken shared an email message that he had received from a friend regarding the blatant religious persecution that we as Christians are faced with in public schools and politics. The Tennessee school principal delivered the speech at a high school football game.

Introduction of New Core Member
Larry Ruiz was not able to make the meeting, but Carmen explained that he will be a retreat support coordinator. Carmen replaced Ron Mouzis as facilitator, Andrew was selected as co-facilitator, and Larry took Andrew’s previous position.

Open Floor to Non-Core

The following issues were brought to the attention of the Core:

  • Florencio Gurrola: Explained that he and his co-directors put together a list of feedback and suggestions for the Core. He handed out a copy of the list to each of the Core members.
  • Carlos Martinez: Had spoken with Joe Torres and they had discussed the possibility of going to the St. Ferdinand picnic and gathering as a St. Ferdinand Church ACTS community. He wanted to know if they could wear their ACTS shirts and perhaps use the banners. He also wanted to know if Ricky would send out an email to the community regarding this activity. Rosie explained that we have done this in the past and that it would be a great thing to continue.

Coordinator Reports

Each member of the Core gave an update:

  • Financial: Sal passed out a financial report stating that we have $17,941.47 in assets, $13,574.14 in liabilities, and $4,467.33 in equity. He also explained that Ron had collected a check from Mary Immaculate of $4000 for the food on the men’s retreat that needs to be paid back. The retreat center was paid the remaining $3000 for the retreat and the transportation for the retreat was $780.50. A deposit has also been made the the DePaul Center for the women’s retreat of $2156. Andrew asked why the bus cost more than agreed upon. Deacon explained that the original bus driver’s bus broke down and he had to find another bus for us and that company ended up charging us more than originally agreed upon. Andrew asked whether the scholarship fund was for men’s or women’s retreats. It was explained that it was for both. Sal also added that all checks need to be made out to “Santa Rosa Church ACTS.” Ricky will add that to the application.
  • Social: Rosie stated that the Bunco Night was very successful with 38 paid players. This month’s activity will be the St. Ferdinand picnic on August 19th. There will be an ACTS banner designating the area, with a barbecue, and perhaps we can borrow the ice chests. We can ask that people bring food, drinks, ice, canopies, etc.
  • Support: Laurie asked who was going to train Larry in his responsibilities as support coordinator. She expressed a concern whether he and Tom would be able to get the necessary tasks completed in time for the upcoming women’s retreat.
  • Women’s Retreat: Azucena said there are 10 women signed up as retreatants and that there were pulpit talks two weeks ago at Santa Rosa and there will be pulpit talks next week at St. Ferdinand. Andrew suggested that the women do english pulpit talks at the spanish Masses. Rosie explained that it has been done in spanish at spanish Masses at St. Ferdinand and Mary Immaculate, but explaining that it is an english speaking retreat. Azucena asked if one of the women who has committed to give a talk is unable for whatever reason to give a talk, if there is a certain process to replace that person. It was explained that someone who has given that talk before can give it again. Carmen also explained that those giving talks need to be in good standing with the Church and must have their sacraments or be in the process of receiving them. Azucena also asked whether team or retreatants can receive scholarships and how many scholarships can be given out. Sal explained that there have been an average of 2 or 3 scholarships given to retreatants and Carmen added that we have decided not to give team scholarships. But other team members can help each other out financially. Azucena explained that the new director’s manual is much better than the hold one and suggested that the Core purchase two director’s manuals, one for the women’s director and one for the men’s director, to borrow during their directorship.
  • Spiritual: Susan apologized for taking so long to organize the small faith communities. She explained that she is going to personally invite all those who have signed up to the Family Rosary Night this coming this Friday at 6pm at 851 N. Huntington in San Fernando where she will organize the groups by geographical regions. This way those people can all agree on their meeting time and set up whether their gatherings will be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and where the meeting location will be. She added that she is open to suggestions. All are invited and an email will go out. Deacon Ken explained that he had spoken with Fr. Stan about Small Faith Communities and that due to difficulties with already existing communities at the parish he does not want it publicized that they do exist. Susan added that he she does have a meeting already scheduled with Fr. Stan to explain it to him. Deacon reiterated that what Fr. Stan has asked is that it not be announced in any way at the parish, whether through bulletin or pulpit talks. Susan expressed her difficulty in setting up the communities. Rosie explained that eventually word will probably get out about the SFC’s, but that it is part of ACTS and is not public, so there shouldn’t be any conflict. Laurie asked what the pastors have against the communities. Deacon explained that it is due to things that have happened in prior communities in the past ten to fifteen years that we are faced with this issue.
  • Communication: Ricky explained that he will be putting together a short how-to manual outlining the process of updating the website and Facebook page, sending out emails, and making bulk phone calls for whoever becomes communications coordinator next year. He also noted that in the charter it states that the communications coordinator is to keep an updated copy of the director’s manual on file, and following Azucena’s suggestion asked if the Core would purchase two manuals to lend out to future directors. Carmen said she would purchase them and have Sal reimburse her.
  • Supplies: Danny stated that inventory was taken a couple of weeks ago and that he went there recently and there is quite a bit of food and snacks that are melted that we need to make sure and keep out of the trailer.
  • Music: Rosemary said that she needs to coordinate with whoever is going to be doing music for the women’s retreat. Carmen shared that Sara Aguilera is helping off-site with coordinating send-off.
  • Facilitator: Andrew thanked the Core for their confidence in him in filling the co-facilitator role. Carmen added that Fr. Steve wants to meet with the Core in the next week or so.

Selection of Men’s Retreat Director

Rosemary played “The Servant Song” followed by a reading of 1 Kings 3:9-12 by Andrew. Ricky read a brief prayer and the names of the nominees, then Rosemary played “Here I am Lord.” Andrew then read from Acts 1:21-26. The name selected from the hat was Eugene Torres. He was asked if would accept the directorship and he stated that “if it’s the Lord’s will then I will.” Rosemary concluded with “Make Me What You Will.” Deacon then proceeded to bless Eugene as the new men’s retreat director and Ricky suggested to those in attendance that we “raise him up.”

New Business

The Core addressed issues brought up in the open floor section of the previous meeting.

  • Supplies Provided by Core Team: Carmen stated that the Core team will take care of ordering the Coming Down the Mountain book, the fisherman’s bracelet, and the crucifix necklaces for all retreats since those items are the same on every retreat.
  • Custodial Team: Carmen explained that we need to let the kitchen crew know that they are not going to be involved in any aspect of the retreat other than in the kitchen. Andrew added that the kitchen crew members should also have already been on team once to have had that experience. Ricky asked if the kitchen crew is different than the custodial team. Susan suggested perhaps we can pay a custodial team to take care of those tasks on retreat, whether the team pitch in for it or the Core pays for it. Perhaps it would even be an opportunity to help some people who are having trouble finding work. Her concern is that there is so much involved with the retreat experience that makes it difficult to take care of these custodial duties. Carmen added that she would be willing to be one of these custodial team members. Deacon explained that the there wasn’t a cooked meal on Sunday morning which made it much easier for the team on Sunday morning. Rosemary said that she sees it as a humbling experience to be able to be part of a custodial team and that it should be part of our service. Rosie explained that being a Martha takes a lot of service, but that the women don’t really know until they are at the new retreat center. Danny explained that the most difficult part was on Saturday night cleaning up the kitchen and all the outdoor areas. He felt it was a lot of work and that he was overwhelmed. Susan mentioned that the custodial team needs to be separate team due to sanitary reasons.
  • Talks: Carmen explained that the important part about talks is that they need to stay on point. Ricky added that there are outlines for each talk and that he knows where the desire to guide the talk-writers through the process is coming from because he has experienced that same guided process in his involvement with writing talks for Engaged Encounter.


Meeting Evaluation
All comments were positive regarding our new facilitators Carmen and Andrew. Susan was grateful for the new business section and that we had never done that before and it’s important to address the concerns of our community.

Next Meeting
The meeting will be held Monday, September 10th. Sandy will do the opening prayer and Azucena will do the closing prayer. Ricky will bring snacks and Susan will be bringing drinks.

Closing Prayer
Laurie Serrano led the closing prayer.


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