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The Life-Changing Power of God’s Mercy

Written by Ricky Jones

Understanding how God’s mercy can change your life is essential in your walk of faith. Pope Francis has made that abundantly clear in this Year of Mercy. But many times we’re perplexed and wonder how does mercy really work? Well, I’ve put together the perfect talk for you in which I explain it all.

Summer Time and Attire for Mass

Written by Andy Aguirre

Summer time is one of my favorite times of the year; I enjoy doing outdoor activities, like going to the beach, going hiking and playing soccer at the park.  I wear a t-shirt and shorts to those activities; I dress comfortable for the occasion. However, I understand that wearing shorts and flip flops are not […]

What is Divine Mercy?

Written by Jenn Greene

Posted by Jenn Greene, Saint Joseph Communications What is Divine Mercy? It is God’s compassionate treatment toward sinners. He yearns to be with each one of us in this life, and then forever in the next. His Divine Mercy is a gift that He gives us to do just that. Divine Mercy is a pardoning […]

My Encounter with Jesus on the Cross and Why it Made Me Smile

Written by Ricky Jones

When I entered the church I went straight to Our Blessed Mother to ask for her intercession, that she would pray that the Lord allow me to rest my head on His breast. I believe she did. Then I passed the altar on my way to the chapel and caught a glimpse of Jesus on the cross—which I often forget about since it is off to the side giving the premier spot front-and-center to the Risen Christ.

7 Lessons for Leading People to Life Change

Written by Ricky Jones

As Christians we have an intense desire and passion for changing the world. And that happens most commonly on an individual basis, through our personal interactions with others. Call it evangelization or leading people to Jesus, the point is we are seeking to build up the kingdom of God, one soul at a time. We’ve all had failures and successes in this ball-game of evangelization, and today I’d like to share with you seven lessons I’ve learned in leading people to life change.

Making a New Year’s Resolution to Kick Off the New Liturgical Year

Written by Ricky Jones

Every time a new year begins we make resolutions that we know we can’t keep. Whether it’s to lose weight, save money, or spend more time with the kids, we know it’s important, but for some reason we fail. We set ourselves up for failure. Well as the liturgical year comes to an end this week, let us make resolutions that will help us to deepen our relationship with God, and let’s keep them.

Community: Why You Can’t Walk the Christian Journey Solo

Written by Ricky Jones

It is easy for me to fall into the mistake of trying to do everything on my own. It’s a problem I continue to battle with everyday. This applies to my work, my faith, and many other things. But what I have to do is realize that I meant to live in community, to love and be loved—just as God is an intimate union of three distinct persons caught in an eternal exchange of love. The truth is you can’t walk the Christian journey alone. We need each other, as much as I’d like to think otherwise.

Theology: Falling in Love with God

Written by Ricky Jones

When most people think of theology we think of books and professors. We think of big words like transubstantiation and the hypostatic union. But the true purpose of theology is not just to study God for the sole purpose of study, rather learn more about He who loves us.

Pope Francis on the Mystery of the Encounter with God

Written by Ricky Jones

Pope Francis, when he was a Cardinal in Argentina, shared these beautiful words on a topic familiar to all of us members of the ACTS community, the mystery of the encounter with God.

The Mystery of Ministry Work

Written by Amateo Seno

Jesus said the harvest is great, but the workers are few (Luke 10:3). He also said that one will sow and another reap (John 4:37). Such is the mystery of ministry work. We are called to serve, but how do we know if we are serving well? After discerning our call through prayer, opening ourselves to be guided by Spirit, performing our due diligence with gifts God has graced us with, how do we know we are succeeding when even Jesus tells us we may not be one’s to reap what we have sown?